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The last three weeks have been an absolute whirlwind. It’s hard to even know what day it is. We have spent the last two weeks finding out everything we possibly can about what we are up against and it’s still not over. After a week of meeting doctors here in Austin, Garrett and I went to MD Anderson in Houston to get the opinions of the cancer experts. We are so happy to report that they have the same plan. We are still in the discovery phase, which everyone who has walked this road before says is the hardest. I am scheduled to have a bone biopsy on Monday (12/19), which is the last key piece to my puzzle and diagnosis.
The facts, what we do know: My cancer is a bitch. And my bitch I will make it. It is super invasive, aggressive and fast growing. Which my husband will chime in and say, that’s how I roll. Always gotta out do everyone else. Even my fast multiplying cells agree.
Our plan: radical chemo for 5 months, double mastectomy, 6 weeks daily radiation (which we will move to Houston for) and hormone/low dose chemo therapy for 10 years post. Everything they got, I get.
I had my power port surgically implanted last Thursday so we are all set to start chemo on Tuesday (12/20). I will have 16 treatments. Please join me in counting down that number. Didn’t quite make it to my old (famous?) softball jersey number (17) and I am just fine with that!
Please keep the love pouring in. To us ALL.
And for all those wondering about #accentforernie:
My precious friends have started a show of support for muah….something as it seems I am just going to have to get used to. Join us in painting a “accent nail” (guys your welcome too, many already have) to keep that sparkle alive. Use it as a worry stone, look at it and think of me, and check out the hashtag and all the sparkle that people have been spreading. Those of you that have known me the longest, know I am most likely always to be seen with such nail and I have an affinity for sparkle. ie. who painted their nails in the bus on the way to softball games
Keep checking back. I promise to keep it up now that it is set up.
strength, tribe and sparkle #accentforernie

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