chemo day 1

Garrett and I woke up this morning encouraged and ready to finally start this leg of our journey. Each person you see and link eyes with in the infusion room has the same story, different chapters. Each person looks at you the same–one part I’m with you, one part why you. A question that has rolled around my brain for weeks….But we don’t get to know that answer, only what we choose to do with what we know.

Chemo overall was way better than I could have imagined. The couple things I had been warned of: port entry pain and bad taste when pushing in the meds, both proved to be no biggie for me. I’m all hopped up on a ton of drugs and steroids to combat the side effects, so should be smooth sailing till day 3,4,5.

I sat next to a 33 year old mama to a 18 month old, found the lump while breastfeeding, spread to her lymph nodes….same story, same pain. She’s well on her way to being done with chemo and that was encouraging to see.

We should get results from the shark tooth, I mean bone biopsy, in 5-7 days. They looooove to drag shit out we have learned. What we thought was a bone marrow biopsy was actually a bone biopsy. When I was all drunk after the procedure they showed me the chunk, yes chunk, of bone they took out of my arm and I told the doc it looked like a shark tooth. To which everyone in the OR thought was hilarious. Final staging will come from this. So yes, that’s where we are sending ALL our love, vibes, prayers, mystical magic sparkle powder dust–whatever you got, for a negative result.

I think I already look green. It’s my new holiday look!


the cancer curing cocktail
best part of chemo day: eat shit every two hours

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