life as an amazon

Phew. Just catching my breath from summer, as I have all kids in school for like three minutes total today. Mama’s can we get a collective cheers and we survived high five! A lot went down since last time I wrote. Sorry. I promised to be better about updating more frequently, but alas this is life.

Things were rolling along greatly from surgery recovery till a nasty dang infection came into my life. I’ll spare all the details, but after a four day hospital stay we ultimately had to go back in for another surgery and remove my left expander. Expanders are like a skin babysitter, holding the place till final reconstruction surgery can be done. Mine came back positive for staph once it was out. Insert eye roll emoji. This is exactly why I had my babies at home, stupid hospitals. I most likely picked it up during my mastectomy. The good thing is that it was my left non-cancer side. That means I got to have radiation with my right expander in, saving my skin making my final reconstruction better in the long run. Life with one boob is weird. Especially for a girl who appreciates symmetry. Have you seen my organized shoe closet?! In greek mythology, amazons–a tribe of badass women warriors, went so far as to remove a breast to make way for their bow. I now only see myself as a real life Wonder Woman. That is until your fake boob flies out from under your shirt at the park while your leaning down putting the crazy ass toddler’s shoes back on for the 400th time, right in front of the hot Dad. Yep people, can’t make this shit up.  I’m still finalizing surgical plans, but there will be two or more ahead of me in the coming year to get this body put back together. Good thing I adore my plastic surgeon and trust her wholeheartedly. Her, that’s right. All my surgeons and docs are badass amazon women warriors.

Radiation came and went. We ended up staying here in Austin and we are all so glad we did. It was just a quick five minute trip from my house and everyone was so kind and great, making the daily task doable. My skin held up amazingly well. Like, shocked everyone with it’s awesomeness. After all I have been through, I’ll take it! The fatigue was something I was warned about, but overall I felt pretty great. Worst part was just going everyday and having a super flexible schedule to sit around and wait on doctors and other patients for six and a half weeks straight.

After much debate and research we all decided Tamoxifen (which is a low dose chemo/hormone therapy pill you take for 10 years) was not going to be aggressive enough for me. Therefore, I am well into my road of ovarian suppression. Since my cancer grew from hormones, we have to shut that shit down. Right now I am receiving monthly injections until my ovaries go to sleep, which is proving to be a bit difficult. Even my oncologist referred to my womb as a “powerhouse.” I go back tomorrow for more blood work then on Monday another appointment to see if they are headed in that direction, if not hysterectomy may be added to my list of future surgeries. Oh joy!

I finally got to leave the state, hell even the city, in 9 months and we took a family road trip vacation with our Austin besties to Rosemary Beach, FL. It was crazy and awesome and adventurous and amazing! Sand in my toes, ocean breeze in my hair, and warm sun on my skin was so good for my soul. We just booked a 4 day anniversary get-a-way to Portland and Bend, OR. Not quite the Grecian extravaganza we were planning on, but Garrett got a big promotion at work (!!!) and he needs to stick around and not piss anyone off with a huge vacation right now. I mean, we kinda need health insurance, right? Adulting sure can suck. I’m super stoked for him though! A much deserved move into a Director position and now managing a team of his own. You rock babe!!

Summer highlights:

  • my bestie and her girls came from CO (again!!!) and her littlest took a nap with a bag of peanut butter m&m’s (lolololololol–holy mess!) and we had a reunion with our two other halves!
  • T had her first tap recital and we all watched in awe as her arms and legs flailed the wrong way, much like her leggy Mama in her youth (time to find a softball team!)
  • kids went to one million summer camps all over Austin
  • Tennyson got a last minute invite to Camp Kesem. An incredible week long sleep away camp for kiddos with parents who have cancer (cue the tears)
  • Hollis found what he wants my final reconstruction to look like (pic below)
  • big kids had a musical theatre performance of School of Rock that was INCREDIBLE!
  • Beckett started Kindergarten!
  • G threw me a surprise 35th birthday party complete with friends from out of town and a 80’s cover band dance party!
  • Hollis got his first haircut all the while I cried picking up his bleach blonde curls off the floor into my plastic baggie to save and never make it to a baby book

    1st & Kinder
vacay smiles!
road trip stop in NOLA-Cafe Du Monde-Bear’s first beignet
while away at his Grandad’s in Dallas–he swears he found and did this all on his own–I’m taking with me to my next plastics appointment
School of Rock
besties all together again for the resties (note my eyelash progression!)